What is SSI Academy Project?

SSI Academy Project aims to offer a large educational platform on Self-Sovereign Identity and related technologies such as decentralized identifiers, verifiable credentials, crypto wallets, distributed ledgers, and blockchain. Our idea is to give free courses to developers, legal or anyone that is interested in the technological framework.

Get your master certicaficate VC

The first training course was developed together with the DIZME Foundation. Finish the 4 chapters and pass the exam to receive your verifiable credential to certify your participation and preparation.

Partners and Contributors

Partners and Contributors

Chapter 1 | Current Digital Identity Systems

  1. Digital identity in the international market: analysis and problems
  2. What is a Federated Identity Management
  3. In-depth study of fiduciary models and authorization and authentication frameworks
  4. Problems and costs of federated and centralized models
  5. Case Studies: how SPID works, government identity provider service

Chapter 2 | Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity

  1. What are the principles of the SSI and which are the new roles in the system?
  2. How the new decentralized identifiers works? (p2p model)
  3. Digital credentials for attributes; how to have solid root of trust: distributed ledgers (blockchain)
  4. How digital identity wallets work?
  5. What is a self-issued OpenID and what is the relationship with previous frameworks?

Chapter 3 | In-depth study of a Verifiable Credential 

  1. How a verifiable credential is constructed and which are its main elements?
  2. How can a verifiable credential guarantee and be secure and scalable in the SSI Model?
  3. How can a verifiable credential satisfy optimal levels of privacy and security, through zero- knowledge proof algorithms?
  4. What is the state of the art from the Self-Sovereign Identity in the European regulatory boundary?

Chapter 4 | DIZME Ecosystem and products

  1. The DIZME ecosystem and the actors involved
  2. Deepening of verifiable credentials and the economic model
  3. Technology and governance analysis (trust model)
  4. The tools for developers
  5. The community and future developments

Prove your skills, pass the exam and get your verifiable credential

The academy offers its students the opportunity to take a test of 60 questions on the topics covered in the chapters.

Those who exceed 60% of correct answers will be able to receive in their wallet the verifiable credential of the SSI Academy, issued and signed by the Dizme Foundation.

The verifiable credential also complies with the OpenBadge format, a standard used in international circuits to demonstrate one’s skills.

Are you an SSI ecosystem or do you want to release the verifiable credentials of your Academy? Contact us: