The Manifesto


Your digital identity is sacred and, with each passing day, you will realise that the digital world is an integral part of your life, of your needs and your relationships, whether personal or professional.  


 Being in full control of your online identity is therefore crucial to ensuring the privacy and security of the data related to your digital self. Until now, you have been forced to delegate control of your data to institutions or corporations.


 Self-Sovereign Identity is an ideology and a technological infrastructure for digital identity that provides an alternative to traditional forms.


 It is the means by which you can regain full possession of your identity, no longer dependent on services offered by parties interested in profiting from your data, or by central authorities unable to preserve its confidentiality.


 Self-Sovereign identity is a radical innovation, which follows open standards and will bring great benefits in the future. In this portal, we will try to provide you with all the conceptual and technological tools to understand self-sovereign identity and related technologies.